Monday, September 28, 2015

Greetings from the GOBK Universe! You must excuse me while I keep pinching my cheeks because if you were ever with us from the start of this THANG, and even had a thought that we would make COMICON NY 2015 in a matter of mere months...


There is so many to thanks for this opportunity and thanks will be appropriately given once we know all the names. But first hand, GOBK has to give a BIG shout out to The High School of Art & Design and its Alumni Association for this shot! Thinking that 39 years ago when I sat in a lunchroom with the boys and dreamt about this adventure ever coming true in life...WOW! I speak for ALL of them!

Proving that Art & Design's Alumni really looks out is the topping on this cake and us Grumpy Old Bastards will be forever thankful. Yes sir!

As we come to the close of the year soon, so much has happened. Changes for the better have been made, the production is going way ahead of schedule and 2016 will be even more promising. We here in the GOBK lair have a juicy announcement coming, but the powers that be have decided to wait until stay tuned!

So far, SWIIISH 1 and 2 can be found on GUMROAD.COM

Much thanks to everyone for making that happen.

I wanna give thanks to UNCLE GRUMPY himself, Scott Williams, for representing GOBK at the H.S. of Art & Design today. He told me he had a blast talking with the new generation of artists that will someday take over the helm and a big shout out to George Alonso of the A&D Alumni Association who arranged to have us down for the day. Awesome!

So, as another day goes and another begins, we hope that you can make COMICON NY 2015 and come down for a chat. God Bless, be kool and remember...

Stay Grumpy!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Good afternoon from the GOBK Universe! The BASTARDS hope that your summer was fulfilling, fun and frolicking. As for OUR summer...OH BOY!

Lots have transpired since our last blog in so short a time.

As we have made some changes for the positive concerning the business aspect of Grumpy Old Bastard Komix, the fruits of our labor have bloomed and bared a good harvest unexpectedly.

Our business goal  was to work on our comics for 2 years, invest and see where it would take us. Failure was not an option so the latter was the decision concerning the outcome...

GOBK would become an agency. Representing artists in all aspects and farming in and out work on behalf of our company to various clients in the art and media field.

That was our latter goal if...

However, LOL, about a month ago, freelance worked started trickling in from nowhere. What was amazing friends...these jobs had nothing to do with COMICS. Graphics mind you. All inquired on behalf of our page on FACEBOOK.


Batting down the hatches and commencing with this voyage, me and Uncle Grumpy Scott turned to our life long friend, GOBK bro and fellow alumni from the High School of Art & Design, Titus Thomas for guidance on the graphic tip. With an extensive career of more than 20 years, Titus set the guidelines and we took it from there.

Well...Comicon Newark comes and we meet many and major contacts. Major props to Mark Boulding and Titus for the invite and liking our "thang". Again, a major thanks to them both for giving us love. The business cards went to nothing left on the table, merchandise moves, we pack up and call it a day.

Well, my friends, the cell and opportunities were off the hook this week. Though I am busting at the seems to reveal these projects...I cant. But let me tell ya...All good and the BASTARDS are so overwhelmed and thankful for this exposure and gift from lots of hard work.

So as this all transpired, the powers that be had a sit down and have decided to move on to the next phase of our vision. GOBK STUDIOS.

Our intent was to announce this in January but because of the nature of our employment for various clients we have obtained, we decided to expand NOW and accomodate other ventures for Grumpy Old Bastard Komix.

Grumpy Old Bastard Komix will be a branch of GOBK STUDIOS, but our main focus until 2017.

So there you have it...another day, another op and another step towards the dream. There is much more to announce, but we will keep it under our hats for now. We are very excited about 2016 and you will not be disappointed dear readers!

With that, enjoy the fall, the colors and crisp air that carries us to Halloween! My favorite holiday! God's blessing and remember...