Sunday, December 27, 2015

Greetings from the GOBK Studio headquarters! These GRUMPY OLD BASTARDS hope that your Christmas was Merry and that your New Year will be better than ever! 2015 flew by like an Eagle in heat on the snowy plains of what was. It was truly amazing how time flew this year...for GOBK especially.

If I ever thought that I would embark in fulfilling a dream with some dynamite old friends, I would have told you...yeah, I thought about it for years. Well, that dream came true...for some of us.

I have to give mad props to all that made this happen. Some who remain in the mix and others that needed to go. Despite whatever transpired to have us pissing in the wind at times while on this journey, well, there is always a shelter of assurance  while you take a well deserved piss with the wind upon your back. Always.

Me and my partners in crime have learned so much this year in the business. Dreams of becoming a comic book artist is one thing. The reality of when it comes down to the wire and your really DOING ain't nuthin that you ever imagined as a kid. It is HARD work my friends. Real hard work. You wear many hats as an Indy Comic Company and if you are going to make it happen, have an open mind, learn and absorb what is best for you to move ahead with your goals, put the right individuals in place and last but not least, treat your partners as you wish to be treated. I am very proud to say, with my financial advantages, everyone on the payroll has been paid promptly. Even some before hand where they really needed the doe. Lessons learned in that area this year with a loss of 900 bucks with work paid for and never received. But some handouts are not even worth chasing. The reputation of such nonsense catches up to them one day. Leave your losses to Karma. If you are going to run a business and get pissed over 900 bucks compared to 9000, then you are on a losing mission already. With loss comes lessons learned, knowledge obtained and strength when it comes to making a just decision in business on the next level. Moving on...

If I told you that I would have ever dreamed of making two COMICONs in our first year, I would say "whatcha been smokin' playah?" Well, we did.
If I ever told you that I would have never dreamed that I would be holding a comic in my hand created by GOBK...well, we sure did that too. Not to mention, the DVDs and other merchandise that we put out there. It is truly mind boggling.

The greatest thing that I hold in accord are the friends and alliances I have made through GOBK. The collaborations, advice and good ol' geek talk about what we love, truly a blessing beyond. Indy Comic people rule and we all share the same dream which makes us quite special. Personally, it is not about the money. It will come, maybe not. The fact that you TRIED is the real reward for all of us and within the journey, it opens other doors to many other wonderful things you never imagined.

There are so many to thank for believing, contributing and showing the love. To our fans and family, there are no words. Truly blessed we are to have you in our lives.

GOBK Studio role call...

Uncle Grumpy Scott Williams. My partner on this mission from the beginning and a man of many talents. There is never a day that I am not amazed by something else he pops outta his hat. He is an artist supreme and a childhood friend. Here we are 40 years later making it happen. Blessed we are.

Henry "the legend" Ortega and Titus Thomas. High School of Art & Design Alumni and childhood friends as well. Their contributions and dedication to GOBK is most welcome and are truly the rocks of the foundation we continue to build. Their knowledge and talents have helped us shine and continue to do so. Blessed we are.

Fred Davidowitz, Samantha Davidowitz and Mildred Tracy.
My son took over the business part of GOBK. He did so in addition to his own busy schedule to help the old man out leaving me to the creative process of the business. I love and thank him for becoming the answer to the questions of business. I love him and I am very proud of him.
My daughter Samantha who took over the technical part of formatting our work and handling all the angel sent to me 28 years ago. She has taken a huge burden off the old man's shoulders along with her brother and I love and thank her as well.
Last but not least, my wife Mildred. She has put up with the madness since day one. Above the fact that she handles the media end with our DVD's, she has supported this Grumpy Old Bastard unconditionally. With all the sleepless nights I endure upon my workaholic ethic, the vacations and personal time lost, the alcohol consumption, the hostess duties she loves when the meetings at our apartment goes on. Without her, I would have never made this happen. I love and thank her for being my rock. I ain't an easy man to live with...Amen.

I want to thank as well...Mario Gully and King Bola for helping us out professionally with our projects. Amazing guys as well as artists.

Bobby Penafiel, our new colorist to the crew via the Phillipines. He makes every deadline, talented and we are looking forward to much more work with him in the future.

A big thanks to Mark Boulding and the Alumni Association of Art & Design for hosting us at Newark Comicon and New York Comicon.

A long time ago, in a lunchroom far, far away...
A lunch table fell home to a bunch of high school kids who dreamed of creating comics like their heroes. Kirby, Addams, Colon, Byrne, Steranko, Ditko and much more to mention...Well, here we are. Those kids who grew up to be Grumpy Old Bastards and making a dream come true. Amen.

Happy New Year from GOBK Studios and remember my friends...

Stay Grumpy!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Greetings from the GOBK Universe! Today we add the third installment of the SWIIISH saga. A game of Kat and Mouse.With the contract set for the assassination of Damien Komatsu,  Angela Mitsuko aka SWIIISH, embarks on her voyage from the United States to the United Kingdom to meet the head of Her Majesty’s Secret Service for instructions. However, it is never that simple when you’re aboard a plane with a killer, an agent and innocent passengers to contend with in mid flight. With the briefing she receives from “The Director”, more surprises come as she goes deeper into her mission and into her long life sustained by the Bio-Cryptic Key.

Its been quite a journey since we first started in January of this year. A lot of work and heart to make it happen has no doubt paid off. We are right on schedule with our other projects and have made some room for even more. I intend to make a year end blog for 2015. Much to tell about this journey...but I will leave that to another "secret meeting" between the "BASTARDS" whether I should run it to the REAL. With success comes lessons learned as you go on. Fortunately for us, GOBK recovers quickly and moves ahead with no problem. We have some talented peeps in the bullpen and GOBK will only keep getting better.

We hope that your Thanksgiving was blessed and that the Holiday Seasons will bring you and your loved ones everything they deserve. 

You can purchase our comic at along with our other issues.

With that I say PEACE from the GOBK Crew, keep it real and remember...


Saturday, November 7, 2015

Good morning from the GRUMPY OLD BASTARD KOMIX headquarters! Still in my apartment but hey, we are still producing at a mad pace.

As we wind down to the finish line for 2015 and with the third installment of SWIIISH 3 being released December 1st, we thought we would give you the triple threat for 2016.

I want to thank the DYNAMIC DUO of Mario Gully of O.M.G. Studios and King Bola for submitting a dynamite cover for SWIIISH 4. We are proud to have had them on board for this project and no doubt, they really delivered. Bravo! Right now the coloring for this issue will be finished off by my buddy Bobby Penafiel and out for March 2016. So Stay tuned!

The MAN SHARK was a work of love for me. I took my time with this and I am very proud of the outcome. It's a little heavy on the story line but I assured the old man, who this book is dedicated to, that he can check it out before its release. A July 4th, 2016 release is in the works. Of course...SHARK WEEK.

Last but not least, later next year we will be releasing the The Renegade Rabbi. Currently being drawn by Uncle Grumpy himself, Scott A. Williams and Inks by yours truly. It is undecided on the coloring at this point but the "secret meeting" will be held in effect soon.

Until our next blog, I wanna thank everyone for your support. Its been an incredible first year and there will be a re cap of this soon in our next blog. With that said...Peace! And remember...


Monday, September 28, 2015

Greetings from the GOBK Universe! You must excuse me while I keep pinching my cheeks because if you were ever with us from the start of this THANG, and even had a thought that we would make COMICON NY 2015 in a matter of mere months...


There is so many to thanks for this opportunity and thanks will be appropriately given once we know all the names. But first hand, GOBK has to give a BIG shout out to The High School of Art & Design and its Alumni Association for this shot! Thinking that 39 years ago when I sat in a lunchroom with the boys and dreamt about this adventure ever coming true in life...WOW! I speak for ALL of them!

Proving that Art & Design's Alumni really looks out is the topping on this cake and us Grumpy Old Bastards will be forever thankful. Yes sir!

As we come to the close of the year soon, so much has happened. Changes for the better have been made, the production is going way ahead of schedule and 2016 will be even more promising. We here in the GOBK lair have a juicy announcement coming, but the powers that be have decided to wait until stay tuned!

So far, SWIIISH 1 and 2 can be found on GUMROAD.COM

Much thanks to everyone for making that happen.

I wanna give thanks to UNCLE GRUMPY himself, Scott Williams, for representing GOBK at the H.S. of Art & Design today. He told me he had a blast talking with the new generation of artists that will someday take over the helm and a big shout out to George Alonso of the A&D Alumni Association who arranged to have us down for the day. Awesome!

So, as another day goes and another begins, we hope that you can make COMICON NY 2015 and come down for a chat. God Bless, be kool and remember...

Stay Grumpy!

Friday, September 18, 2015

Good afternoon from the GOBK Universe! The BASTARDS hope that your summer was fulfilling, fun and frolicking. As for OUR summer...OH BOY!

Lots have transpired since our last blog in so short a time.

As we have made some changes for the positive concerning the business aspect of Grumpy Old Bastard Komix, the fruits of our labor have bloomed and bared a good harvest unexpectedly.

Our business goal  was to work on our comics for 2 years, invest and see where it would take us. Failure was not an option so the latter was the decision concerning the outcome...

GOBK would become an agency. Representing artists in all aspects and farming in and out work on behalf of our company to various clients in the art and media field.

That was our latter goal if...

However, LOL, about a month ago, freelance worked started trickling in from nowhere. What was amazing friends...these jobs had nothing to do with COMICS. Graphics mind you. All inquired on behalf of our page on FACEBOOK.


Batting down the hatches and commencing with this voyage, me and Uncle Grumpy Scott turned to our life long friend, GOBK bro and fellow alumni from the High School of Art & Design, Titus Thomas for guidance on the graphic tip. With an extensive career of more than 20 years, Titus set the guidelines and we took it from there.

Well...Comicon Newark comes and we meet many and major contacts. Major props to Mark Boulding and Titus for the invite and liking our "thang". Again, a major thanks to them both for giving us love. The business cards went to nothing left on the table, merchandise moves, we pack up and call it a day.

Well, my friends, the cell and opportunities were off the hook this week. Though I am busting at the seems to reveal these projects...I cant. But let me tell ya...All good and the BASTARDS are so overwhelmed and thankful for this exposure and gift from lots of hard work.

So as this all transpired, the powers that be had a sit down and have decided to move on to the next phase of our vision. GOBK STUDIOS.

Our intent was to announce this in January but because of the nature of our employment for various clients we have obtained, we decided to expand NOW and accomodate other ventures for Grumpy Old Bastard Komix.

Grumpy Old Bastard Komix will be a branch of GOBK STUDIOS, but our main focus until 2017.

So there you have it...another day, another op and another step towards the dream. There is much more to announce, but we will keep it under our hats for now. We are very excited about 2016 and you will not be disappointed dear readers!

With that, enjoy the fall, the colors and crisp air that carries us to Halloween! My favorite holiday! God's blessing and remember...


Saturday, August 29, 2015

Greetings from the GOBK Universe! Lots of things going on now that we have come down to the wire. Newark Comicon in two weeks, some changes in the GOBK organization and the release of SWIIISH 2.

This will be our first CON and as always, we give big thanks to Mark Boulding for the invite and Grumpy Old Bastard Komix pahtna, Titus V. Thomas for the hook up. For the past two months, we have been working every weekend to prepare for this and I must give my applause to our peeps because it would never have been done without them.

Because of the hectic work schedule, we have decided to make some changes for the better...and for us grumpy old bastards who don't have the stamina to keep up. LOL. But realistically, its really hard work and things have grown so fast for us, it was apparent that we wanted to pursue the more creative end and keep it focused on producing the stories and the artwork.

Freddy D. has taken over as CEO for GOBK. With his vast business sense in many projects he has been involved with not to mention the success with his own businesses, there was no question that he was the perfect candidate to help GOBK out. He has given me good advice over the past year and I thank him for offering to help and take over the reigns. Also...he is my son. And I am very proud of that boy. No better person to handle the business for dad.

Taking over on the technical side of things concerning PDF conversions, editing, as well as the franchise items such as shirts, mugs and anything else, is Samantha Marie Davidowitz. She has always helped GOBK when in a jam and of course I offered her this position because when it comes to technical s(*&, this grumpy old bastard just ain't into it. Owning her own business as well, and growing at an incredible rate, I am very proud of her too. An artist like her dad, she makes it happen when it comes to the deadlines.

Last but not least, we have to thank Mildred Roque Tracy. She puts up with all the madness of this grumpy old bastard, cooks for the crew when we have our meetings and does an outstanding job putting together our DVD presentations. My wife...yes. My rock and partner. She remains to be the mother hen in this GOBK world and we love her so.



In our last ish, Angela Mitsuko a.k.a. SWIIISH had the BIO-Cryptic key in her possession retrieving it from her Master and Lords enemy. Only to discover that she was betrayed and to be killed by her Master, and have had a hefty reward for her head, she begins a bloody game of cat and mouse over the years with the clans and assassins who are ready and willing to claim it.

Eventually, she escapes to America. But as the years go by, the BIO-cryptic key has an intense affect on her. The aging process for her has stopped and the gift of longevity brings also a curse. Even though her body remains forever young, that is not the case with her mind.

But we will learn more about that dear reader as we go on...

Being that Angela has no better skill than to be an assassin, she becomes a hired mercenary and hit woman over the years in order to make a living, satisfy her expensive tastes and sexual pleasures.

As 1964 comes, she is approached with a contract by Her Majesty's Secret Service. Her target...Damien Komatsu. Great, great grandson to her former Master and Lord and now head of the Komatsu Clan. The Komatsu Clan has now grown to be a major criminal empire that has affected the world economy in many ways and it is up to Mitsuko to take them out.

And so there you have it. This second part of the series will be released August 31st 2015 and you can purchase it on GUMROAD for $2.99... Stay tuned for details.

Find GRUMPY OLD BASTARD KOMIX on facebook and like our page. Until our next blog, we hope to see you at COMICON NEWARK and remember...

Stay Grump!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Greetings from the GOBK headquarters! Officially STILL in my apartment, but as we move on...bigger and better things are always a possibility in COMICDOM.

The summer is almost at an end. A mild one in fact for NYC. But things have been HOT on the drawing boards with the boyz however.

The MAN SHARK cometh as promised. Slowly but surely for a 2016 release. The crew decided to slow it down a bit and take a break for the summer. With the SWIIISH series done with only 1 more story to tie in to finish the saga, I have been pounding the script out and getting the artwork done at a creative pace for the MAN SHARK. So many decisions are still to be made as I continue to put it together. Its a personal project on my behalf and I am quite pleased so far...but never satisfied.

What artist is?

On the other side of the city, deep in the heart of Queens, Grumpy Old Bastard Scott is whittling away at HIS drawing board on the Renegade Rabbi. The script complete, Scott is also taking his time and handing the pages in as we fit both projects within our schedules, so it is working out quite nicely with good results.

And last but not least, down in the heart of Times Square in HIZ studio, Eddie Torres is working on 2 covers and issue 4 of SWIIISH. His coloring skills compliment GOBK since day 1 and he definitely hits a home run every time.

With Newark Comicon around the corner and New York Comicon still lingering on the back burner, I am very proud of the accomplishments we have made since we started in January of this year. The business and production part of our adventure has expanded and we give a big thanks to them as well as they remain in the shadows until our next blog.

Until the next time my friends, we hope to see you at the CONS and thank you for your support always and remember...

Stay Grumpy!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Happy Summer tidings from the GOBK Crew! It's been a very mild summer in NYC, but the creative juices have been bubbling over as we get ready for Newark Comicon. 

Our current DVD that we have posted on our YOUTUBE channel with SWIIISH issue 1 has been getting some great feedback. If was fun (and nerve racking) to make, but the finished product was agreed amongst the BASTARDS that it was FYAH and well done. 

We will have shirts, DVDs and comics to purchase so come on down September 12th, 2015. If you go to this link you will be able to obtain all the information you need.

I have to applaud my pahtnas. Eddie Torres remains to be ON the covers and coloring duties for GOBK so we will not disturb him for quite awhile. Scott Williams slowly but surely is continuing his great pencils on The Renegade Rabbi saga and as for me...Producing the MAN SHARK by my lonesome and inking/writing the story for The Renegade Rabbi as well. SO yes, we are very busy bees. 

There are other business ideas on the back burner for now. But we will reveal such as we go on. Until next post, we thank you so much for your support and remember...

Stay Grumpy!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

As you know by now, we have been invited to Newark Comicon on September 12, 2015. This was a gift to what we have been trying to do since we started. January 2015 has been our launch date and's been rollin' and blowin' up rapidly ever since.

But there is no doubt that we must thank all our fans and supporters since the begining. Yes sir! Without an audience, there would be no GOBK and thank god that we do. An incredible one. 

As we gear up for September, the boyz, in addition to working on our current projects, have stepped it up a bit. We have ordered supplies, shirts, high quality prints of SWIIISH 1 and 2, a kick ass banner so that you can spot us immediately at a CON near you, and cards containing our issues and art that we will be more than happy to sign for you.

But that is the tip of the iceberg. May I continue?...

It has been no doubt that our videos have been giving us quite a boost. We have had MAD fun doing them and we thought you would enjoy the bizzare and krazy shit that goes along with being a bastard in this crew. We hope you feel more at home and a part of the GOBK universe as we grow and expand.

With that, we will be filming at Newark Comicon and continue the kraziness with interviews of key players for this event, artists, celebs and anyone else who wants to be a part of the madness. We encourage you to come on down and have a good time. 

Thats what it all about. Fun. Always.

From myself and the rest of the Bastards at GOBK we say PEACE, THNK YOU  and remember...

Stay Grumpy!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Greetings from the GOBK universe! Its been a minute since our last blog so I thought I would give you some intel on our THANG.

The MAN SHARK is coming out quite nicely and my man Scott "Grumpy Old Bastard" Williams" is ON the RENEGADE RABBI issue as we blog. We are way ahead of schedule and thanks to our main man Eddie Torres, our editor in chief, the SWIIISH saga is under way with 4 issues in which we will release on our agenda for 2015. You can catch issue 1 of SWIIISH on DRIVE THRU COMICS. So get on and check us out. If you have'nt caught us on FACEBOOK, find us and like our page and keep in tune with our progress as we move forward. Its been a fast and furious adventure since we started in January.

Much are in the works. Good news in fact and this sunday, the "BASTARDS" will hold a meeting to discuss business concerning an opportunity with thanks to our GOBK brother Titus Thomas, will give us a push for PR in the COMICON circuit so stay tuned.

We thank all of you for your input on FACEBOOK and on this BLOG. The numbers climb everyday on our stats from all over the globe. Keep it coming dear fans and hold on to your hats...more videos and news will be coming your way!

On behalf of our crew, we say thanks and remember...


Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Now that we are on the map and selling our comic on Drive Thru Comics, we now have some breathing room to add other titles to our "THANG" at GOBK. As of current, Scott "GRUMPY OLD BASTARD" Williams is working on THE RENEGADE RABBI and I am working on THE MAN SHARK. As mentioned before, the release will be in 2016. We incorporated these characters in the SWIIISH series. The 3rd and 4th issue introduces them so watch out for  these issues when we release it.

THE MAN SHARK will be a good story and the art... I will keep it as tight as God allows me to do so. This will be an issue from the heart because the history behind this character means so much to me. If it was not for my pops...well, I hope you enjoy it. With our Editor in Chief/ Colorist Eddie Torres on board, he undoubtedly has our back and we have mad love for him. He is the anchor in this crew and has our respect no doubt.

As for THE RENEGADE RABBI, this project has been on the drawing table for 2 years now and with a great cry from those in the circle and outside, it had to be done. You can catch RR's origin in SWIIISH 3 which will be released in August. Pretty intense and as we said, this is an 18 and over MAG kiddies, with a touch of 70's grit, blood and guts. We aint holdin back in our publication so don't hate my peoples. We said this from the begining so hold on to your hats or your skirts. 

The summer will be upon us soon so stay kool and keep hydrated...with booze!

And remember...STAY GRUMPY!

Saturday, May 9, 2015

My name is Mark Mills. I was a Marine 16. A prodigy amongst the masses most would say but my life was miserable. The media, the papers and god damn parents with their constant pushing to satisfy their appetites to fulfill their arrogance.


But my misery was nothing compared to what I had become upon an unfortunate accident...

The summer of 1975 was epic. JAWS came into theatre's throughout the world and we never went into the water again at any beach without that fucking music playing in our minds. It was a masterpiece done by a young Steven Spielberg and he never looked back.

The Man Shark.

I was 13 years old. My dad was off to college as we use to say but in reality, he was in Danbury CT. serving a 5 year stint. I use to draw comics on type writer paper and mail them to him. My old man always supported me in the arts. We joke now that it took me 50 years to take this shit seriously and make something of it and we are. I loved JAWS and sat our kitchen table one day with typewriter paper I asked my mom for and went to town.

Now of course, you want to hear more but, if I did so, you would'nt enjoy what is to come in upcoming issues we are working on. Tsk Tsk faithful fans and await what is coming your way.

We have news coming your way. Good news. Be patient as we are. Our editor in chief, Eddie Torres is a perfectionist and has the undertaking of making our project the best it can be. So stay tuned.

The weather is fabulous, the winter is over and the spring and summer...enjoy. The best from our crazy crew and remember...


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

As we embarked on this journey in 2015, let me bring you back. WAY back. SWIIISH is a mere part of the Grumpy universe. It evolves around Connie Quasar. Four bio-cyptic keys that fell to earth. If you followed our blog, and you should, you would know the origin of this affair. So get busy!

This was a brainchild of Scott Williams. Not of the Jim Lee team. An alumni of Art and Design High School here in NYC. The illustration presented for you was done in 1989. When Scott brought this to my office today, I was floored! Our THANG at Grumpy is about the 60's and 70's flavor. It was raw back then on many levels. When I saw this piece, it took me back to the 70's when my room was littered with fluorescent posters and a big old black light to enhance the mood.

What intrigued me most was the peaceful look on Connie's face while Barry White sang his lullaby to put her to sleep. What better maestro of the 70's to do so?

So while we continue to get the bugs in order so to speak on our issue of SWIIISH 1 through 4, stay tuned. It's coming soon to a website near you!

We thank you for your support and interest and remember...


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Spring is finally upon us. The leaves have started to sprout on the trees, the weather is finally allowing the sun to warm us up slowly...and the grumpy old bastards have finally come out of hibernation from a cold, heartless winter with some incredible work done.

We apologize to our peeps for being off the radar for a spell, but we have been VERY busy making it happen for our SWIIISH series for Grumpy Old Bastard Komix. As of now, one out of two major submissions have been approved for distribution. However, we were not satisfied with our proofs and decided we ain't gonna make our move until it's right. Time is on our side so...

What the hay.

As we wrap up issue 4 of SWIIISH, we are...well, all will be disclosed soon. More news and updates are on the way via a video and our FACEBOOK page. 

Until then, and that will be very soon, please keep the faith and hold on to your pistol irons and remember...

Stay Grumpy!

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Greetings from the GRUMPY OLD BASTARD KOMIX universe!

As our brother Henry Ortega has touched down in NYC from Japan, we are excited that our meeting this Sunday will include our brother and get down to business concerning many projects, events, merchandising and of course the SWIIISH series.

As mentioned in our last blog, the Renegade Rabbi will be the topic. The SWIIISH series is on the verge of completion in May and much has to be discussed on the graphic novel we are preparing for concerning the Renegade Rabbi.

We are taking a different approach on the art and story line concerning the Rabbi. We are keeping it
OLD SCHOOL and since time is on our side for the time being, we will handle this story creatively and responsibly. So stay tuned.

Lance Tooks of GRUMPY OLD BASTARD KOMIX Europe is well informed in the loop and Titus Thomas is as well. My conversation with Titus was very productive concerning our website and animation goals. Unfortunately, they will not be present for our meeting this Sunday but they are well informed and will be kept in the loop as we move forward.

With that, a video of our meeting will be taped and downloaded this Sunday.

Until our next post and blog, thank you from myself and the crew and remember my peeps!


Saturday, March 7, 2015

Greetings from the Grumpy Old Bastard Komix Universe. Alot has happened for us so fast and the news gets better and better as we keep on top of our project. The dedication of our crew deserves a big bravo as we move further to our dream.

As we speak, Henry "the legend" Ortega is on a jet coming to stateside from Okinawa, Japan. He is our man out in the far east and he will be a part of a corporate meeting we have next Friday concerning some decisions we need to take to go forward in our 'THANG". Also joining us is our man Titus V. Thomas who will present some options in the animation presentation of our ideas. Of course, the GOBK crew of NYC will be present as well.

As we work on issues 3 and 4 of SWIIISH, the response to the Renegade Rabbi has been quite overwhelming. Many have asked when we are we deciding to launch this character. Well, he HAS been launched and introduced in the SWIIISH prologues. You of course have no idea of this because the other issues of SWIIISH have not been posted. But stay tuned. Our first issue was free. All other issues on a time sensitive basis will be up for  purchase for a small fee on...

Well...stay tuned. 

There is so much in the works my friends. Be patient as we MUST be and soon, sooner than you think, all will be disclosed...soon. 

The winter has been cruel yes, but the cabin fever left the GRUMPY OLD BASTARDS inside our fortress of solitude to create and remain ahead of schedule so props to Old Man Winter. 

Again, we thank you for all of your support. And of course...


Thursday, February 26, 2015

Good evening my peeps! Lots happening in the Grumpy Old Bastard Universe for sure. We launched our video last week on Facebook and UTUBE with much success. Lots of feedback on that and we thank all of you for checking us out. We have to allow SOME craziness to our project because if it ain't fun...see ya!

I just got off the horn with Japan where the legend resides with his lovely bride and cat, Henry Ortega. He will grace us with his presence and have a sit down with the familia to discuss our upcoming events and business decisions. Some very positive questions have raised our eyebrows to the future and we of course have to make some positive decisions concerning our "thang".

Once we kick the rest of the issues of SWIIISH into play where it will be available for purchase at a VERY reasonable fee, we look on to the horizon or rather the sunset to start his own title...The Renegade Rabbi. He has been introduced in the prologue parts of SWIIISH so you will see some origin to this character and get a taste. The character is very different from most western approaches in comics. The story is very interesting...stay tuned. 

With that, keep your eye out pahdna! Looking forward to seeing our brother Henry and having another outstanding and fun meeting. Until then, remember...

Stay Grumpy!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Another cold wind embraces the crevices of the city that never sleeps. This winter has been harsh to the country but not to the GRUMPY OLD BASTARD KOMIX so far. In fact...we are smokin' hot baby. 

First off, we would like to thank everyone for their support on our launch of SWIIISH. The feedback was more than we expected in our emails and messenger accounts on Facebook. Damn good show on our crew for their efforts and our followers. Thank you so much my peeps!

While we are in the middle of producing issue 3 of SWIIISH and 4 as well, we will be introducing Nathan Davidowitz aka The Renegade Rabbi in the prologue of issue 3 and 4. My thanks again to THE LEGEND, Henry Ortega who made an outstanding splash page in issue 3 to accomodate the prologue in issue 4. So as the whip cracks and the paychecks are submitted in a timely basis, the teamwork is on overdrive with the BASTARDS as we get ready to launch issue 2 on a e-book form. We will keep you updated on that aspect no doubt so stay tuned.

Right now as we speak, we are building our merchandising part of the project so keep your eyes tuned for shirts, stickers, beer mugs and etc. Busy...busy...busy. 

So...enjoy your Valentines Day everyone. Its all about love. But remember...Stay Grumpy despite. A good spanking is not all bad!  

Sunday, February 8, 2015

In a Galaxy...far, far away. Space...the final frontier.

Most, if not all baby boomers, can no doubt be affiliated with those two phrases. Of course you can. which leads me to the next thing...

Those god damn Bio-Cryptic Keys.

Now that we have launched issue 1 of SWIIISH, if you have began this journey, you will of course want to know...what the hell is the BIO-CRYPTIC KEY? Well, let me explain...

A container is salvaged from the wreckage of an alien ship. There are four chips containing powerful energy in which enhances its element in four forms. Earth, Wind, Fire and of course Water. It is agreed that these chips would be very useful when surveying other planets that are dying from atmospheric decay. However, the container protecting the keys ends up being transported to a black hole through an energy surge where it was discovered. For years the container is lost until it comes within distance of earth. As it plummets from the heavens above and enters the earth's atmosphere, the container breaks and scatters to the four corners of the earth. As centuries go by, the keys are eventually found. Enter Lord Komatsu. During one of his bloody campaigns within the Clan Wars of the samurai he finds one of the keys. Keeping his find a well kept secret and within his grasp always, his human form rejuvenates itself and he is granted longevity from the power the key has. He lives for hundreds of years. One day, during a raid on his village, the key is stolen and... the comic. Now you know what a BIO-CRYPTIC KEY is. More will be revealed as we go on. Five lives will be drastically affected, changed and introduced as we go.

There are many to thank outside the box as well as in. I could write pages folks. I will simply say that all who were involved did an outstanding job on their part and have our props...always! The outcome of such efforts will be rewarded and have been rewarded. Its hard work but most of all its still fun. If it wasn't, the Old Bastards would be doing other things but for now, please enjoy this FREE DOWNLOAD for you reading pleasure.

Thanks for all the support my peeps and remember...

Stay Grumpy!
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, Steady Eddie Torres and myself were talking and he turned me on to a character called ANT.

Well, the work itself is amazing but the man behind it...even more amazing. So I checked out more of his work and was floored with jaw open and eyeballs bulging from the sockets. Eddie got a kick out of my reaction and said "Dawgs...that would be f(*&ing crazy if we could get him to do a cover for Grumpy Old Bastard Komix." Being THAT said, I was on a mission.

Mario Gully is the name and kicking ass on the drawing board is his game.

Mario works non stop, is a machine on the drawing board and entertains his fans with the work he currently does and posts it on Facebook on one of many pages he is part of and manages. His work with Image Comics, Marvel Studios and many other publications are very well respected and admired among the masses of comicdom. Its quite inspiring to wake up in the morning, drink a cup of Joe and see whats new on Mario's page. The man is no joke and has "The Old Bastards' props as well as his fans from all over the globe that knows anything about comics.

I got in touch with him and gentleman that he is, he responded. We had a very nice conversation and I popped the big question. I knew he was very busy and has a sketchbook coming out but I just HAD too. His response was "Sure I will."...and the rest my friends, is history.

So I am very honored as well as my crew to announce that Mario Gully has signed on with GRUMPY OLD BASTARD KOMIX to do the cover for issue 4 of SWIIISH. You can find Mario's work at OMG STUDIOS where he has a vast gallery of his art and prints for sale. Check him out!

So until our next post, stay tuned as we will be and remember...Stay grumpy!

Friday, January 30, 2015

As we embark on production of issues 3 & 4 of SWIIISH, the GRUMPY OLD BASTARDS KOMIX crew have made some great strides this week with some very good results.

As our BLOG's audience has expanded and our page on FACEBOOK as well, we have met and spoken to some incredible people in the industry and hope to do business with them in the very near future. The talent is endless and well appreciated for their input and interest to bring our project to the level we have no doubt, will be accomplished.

In addition, some other things are stewing in the pot that will be revealed soon enough.

While our editor and chief Steady Eddie Torres continues to do an outstanding job with our P.R. and weighing out of the decisions pertaining to our digital comic launch, me and Scott "grumpy old bastard" Williams continue to knock out those comic pages on a steady pace, as the time draws near for our release of SWIIISH.

We thank everyone for your support. The work is hard but it remains to be fun and thats what its all about for us. Until next post, remember...

Stay grumpy!

Monday, January 26, 2015

SO the storm is upon us. BLIZZ BLIZZ BLIZZARD. But that did not stop the GRUMPY OLD BASTARD KOMIX crew from having a meeting today.

Looking very good on our page and our blog. Some major players in the industry have liked our page and I have had the pleasure of talking with them in the past few days via FACEBOOK. I must admit, some epic talent is out there and we are so very honored to mingle with them. We support them as they support us. Artists remain to be familia and we will continue to do so.

Please be safe if your in the Northern region of the U.S. If not, enjoy the warmer region and have a drink on behalf of the GRUMPY OLD BASTARDS!

A blizzard leaves creative minds to create. SWIIISH issue 3 and 4 are in production so stay tuned and remember...Stay GRUMPY!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Whats up my peeps? I hope all is well in COMICDOM as we endure the winter. A very good time to stay indoors and read your favorite comics. No doubt.

The meeting held between the "Old Bastards" was productive as always. It was decided that we stand particular to where we wish to post our e-book of the first issue of SWIIISH for free. Steady Eddie Torres, our Editor and Chief and one bad ass gifted artist to boot is weighing out the right decision to let her rip. He has done an outstanding job and we give thanks for having him aboard.

Currently, we are working on issue 3 and 4. Scott 'grumpy old bastard" Williams is working on the mag as we speak. I delivered the layouts to him yesterday and he is HOT on the illustration. He is talented beyond and will deliver his best as he always does.

Grumpy Old Bastard Japan is waiting in the wings for the next assignment. Henry "the legend" Ortega is an asset to us and my buddy as well. He delivered an awesome splash page for issue 3 and cant wait what he conjures up for issue 4 so stay tuned!

I hope everyone is well  and we thank you for all the support we have gotten since we launched our page on FACEBOOK and our BLOG. Check us out if you haven't. Until next post, God Bless and remember...Stay GRUMPY!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

With the Comic and feedback moving in the right direction, I decided to write this in a nutshell what we are about so...Grumpy Old Bastard Komix is a mature publication for 18 years and older in the old school genre of Comics we knew and loved from back in the day. The purpose of our goal and publication is to bring the gritty and bold cinematography of the 60s and 70s with no holds barred into our stories and artwork. Made up of a team of talented Grumpy Old Bastards that went to the High School of Art & Design in New York City, they decided that the conversations in the lunchroom of Comic book stardom was still worth a shot and why not give it their best and so...the rest is history. With that, be it on a park bench, a train or bus or even a nice warm commode to lay your buns on for a good read, we say enjoy and remember...stay GRUMPY!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Now that the final cut for the cover of SWIIISH issue 1 has been decided upon, it is time to launch this puppy somewhere in digital space. This move is latter to actual publishing in hardcover or comic book form. A meeting between the BASTARDS will determine our next move in this adventure and we promise to keep you informed.

Two wonderful things to announce is that Steady Eddie Torres has been promoted to Editor and Chief of GOBK. This was no hard decision for us as a team. His dedication, knowledge and good ol common sense made it quite easy to make this happen. Congrats to him. He duh man!

Then after 35+ years I receive a SPLASH page from Henry "the legend" Ortega of GOBK JAPAN. Henry currently lives in Okinawa where I left him in 1984 when we served in the military together. He, myself and Scott "GOB" Williams were apart of the crew that sat at a lunch table in Art & Design H.S. in NYC, dreaming of doing what we are doing now. Creating Comics. I was thrilled to receive this from him and had no doubt that he was going to deliver.

Deliver he did and so...

As for Scott...he is just a Grumpy Old Bastard. And I love him like a brother. It was him who got me into this game when he asked me to INK some pages and help him out. That I did and I haven't looked back. I am grateful to him forever and will always be in awe of his talent. The boy is no joke. Our coll
aberation for Monarch Comics as penciller and inker for the Witch Hunter series sealed that tomb like Lennon & McCartney, Laurel and Hardy...most def Abbot & Costello.

It is what it is.

Its COLD as hell in the city that doesn't sleep so I hope everyone is well and if your in a better warmer place than we...PROPS!

Be good and remember...Stay Grumpy!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Nathan Davidowitz aka The Renegade Rabbi bugs the f(*& out as his family is eliminated by the ruthless SS in SWIIISH issue 3.

The Bio-Cryptic Key. This is the reason that the characters that you will be introduced to shortly, endure most of their heartache. All lives who come in contact with the KEY are granted certain advantages but the disadvantages outweigh...everything. The characters lead a long life of suffering but they make do and take us through the journeys and adventures the KEY has cursed them with.

There are 4 Bio-Cryptic Keys. Four individuals will live the challenge and 1 will answer for it.

But that will come in time as we go on. The prologues of each story tell a separate story. What WAS that leads us to the current story of the issues of what IS. As I discussed this with the Grumpy Old Bastards, it was agreed that a prologue leaves a lot of room for more creative material. And of course, lots more fun.

The free release of SWIIISH issue 1 will be discussed at our next meeting so you will know soon where and when to check it out. Until then...

Peace and remember...stay Grumpy!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

I get up this morning to find the completed work on SWIIISH 2 in a PDF in my email. My props to Steady Eddie Torres for an outstanding job reviewing and correcting what needed to be. Bravo!

After having 2 issues done and a third in production, I must say that the hard work is paying off. While we decide when and where to retrieve this PDF for FREE, please sit tight...its coming!

Currently, Scott Grumpy Old Bastard Williams will be taking over the pencils and myself will be doing the inking, coloring and story. But time is on our side right now so we will take advantage of that...we deserve it and a good stiff drink!

Henry the legend Ortega will be looking after things for GRUMPY OLD BASTARD KOMIX JAPAN. Henry resides in Okinawa and will be contributing work for issue 3. We collaberated on a project over 35 years ago so I am stoked to be working with him once again.

Lance I can dance Tooks will be looking out for GRUMPY OLD BASTARD KOMIX EUROPE. Lance has some heavy artillery in the closet and will be contributing art, story line and other material. Looking forward in working with him soon...he currently lives in Spain.

SO thats it for now. I hope everyones New Year is coming along well. 2015 is very promising for sure.

Peace and remember...Stay Grumpy!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Damian Komatsu's henchman  BIG JOB keeps a close eye on things in issue 2 of SWIIISH.

Friday, January 2, 2015

You can find us on Facebook
Today Grumpy Old Bastard Komix launched their Facebook page. A proud moment while 3 admins fumbled with the many new apps Facebook challenged us with. Frustrating for sure and so another thing to deal with but stopping nothing.

The first issue will be launched this month. Issue 2 is basically done and issue 3 is on the way. Its no joke this comic book racket. Its win or lose but for me, a shot is worth more to it. You cant keep living with "what if" all of your life. I rather live with "We tried". Who wouldnt?

The goal is set, the time frame is in...

Come enjoy the adventure with the Grumpy Old Bastards.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Angela Mitsuko aka SWIIISH has her last smoke before the shit hits the fan on her flight to Heathrow Airport in London.

While the Grumpy Old Bastards wrap up the minor details on issue 2, we will be launching issue 1 for free. Look out for the domains that issue 1 will be available. We are in the process of making our FACEBOOK page. Look out for updates and info on our launch. We will have biographies and professional stats on our artists and much more.

I hope everyone had an awesome New Years celebration and remember...stay GRUMPY!