Saturday, May 9, 2015

My name is Mark Mills. I was a Marine 16. A prodigy amongst the masses most would say but my life was miserable. The media, the papers and god damn parents with their constant pushing to satisfy their appetites to fulfill their arrogance.


But my misery was nothing compared to what I had become upon an unfortunate accident...

The summer of 1975 was epic. JAWS came into theatre's throughout the world and we never went into the water again at any beach without that fucking music playing in our minds. It was a masterpiece done by a young Steven Spielberg and he never looked back.

The Man Shark.

I was 13 years old. My dad was off to college as we use to say but in reality, he was in Danbury CT. serving a 5 year stint. I use to draw comics on type writer paper and mail them to him. My old man always supported me in the arts. We joke now that it took me 50 years to take this shit seriously and make something of it and we are. I loved JAWS and sat our kitchen table one day with typewriter paper I asked my mom for and went to town.

Now of course, you want to hear more but, if I did so, you would'nt enjoy what is to come in upcoming issues we are working on. Tsk Tsk faithful fans and await what is coming your way.

We have news coming your way. Good news. Be patient as we are. Our editor in chief, Eddie Torres is a perfectionist and has the undertaking of making our project the best it can be. So stay tuned.

The weather is fabulous, the winter is over and the spring and summer...enjoy. The best from our crazy crew and remember...


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

As we embarked on this journey in 2015, let me bring you back. WAY back. SWIIISH is a mere part of the Grumpy universe. It evolves around Connie Quasar. Four bio-cyptic keys that fell to earth. If you followed our blog, and you should, you would know the origin of this affair. So get busy!

This was a brainchild of Scott Williams. Not of the Jim Lee team. An alumni of Art and Design High School here in NYC. The illustration presented for you was done in 1989. When Scott brought this to my office today, I was floored! Our THANG at Grumpy is about the 60's and 70's flavor. It was raw back then on many levels. When I saw this piece, it took me back to the 70's when my room was littered with fluorescent posters and a big old black light to enhance the mood.

What intrigued me most was the peaceful look on Connie's face while Barry White sang his lullaby to put her to sleep. What better maestro of the 70's to do so?

So while we continue to get the bugs in order so to speak on our issue of SWIIISH 1 through 4, stay tuned. It's coming soon to a website near you!

We thank you for your support and interest and remember...


Sunday, May 3, 2015

Spring is finally upon us. The leaves have started to sprout on the trees, the weather is finally allowing the sun to warm us up slowly...and the grumpy old bastards have finally come out of hibernation from a cold, heartless winter with some incredible work done.

We apologize to our peeps for being off the radar for a spell, but we have been VERY busy making it happen for our SWIIISH series for Grumpy Old Bastard Komix. As of now, one out of two major submissions have been approved for distribution. However, we were not satisfied with our proofs and decided we ain't gonna make our move until it's right. Time is on our side so...

What the hay.

As we wrap up issue 4 of SWIIISH, we are...well, all will be disclosed soon. More news and updates are on the way via a video and our FACEBOOK page. 

Until then, and that will be very soon, please keep the faith and hold on to your pistol irons and remember...

Stay Grumpy!