Saturday, November 28, 2015

Greetings from the GOBK Universe! Today we add the third installment of the SWIIISH saga. A game of Kat and Mouse.With the contract set for the assassination of Damien Komatsu,  Angela Mitsuko aka SWIIISH, embarks on her voyage from the United States to the United Kingdom to meet the head of Her Majesty’s Secret Service for instructions. However, it is never that simple when you’re aboard a plane with a killer, an agent and innocent passengers to contend with in mid flight. With the briefing she receives from “The Director”, more surprises come as she goes deeper into her mission and into her long life sustained by the Bio-Cryptic Key.

Its been quite a journey since we first started in January of this year. A lot of work and heart to make it happen has no doubt paid off. We are right on schedule with our other projects and have made some room for even more. I intend to make a year end blog for 2015. Much to tell about this journey...but I will leave that to another "secret meeting" between the "BASTARDS" whether I should run it to the REAL. With success comes lessons learned as you go on. Fortunately for us, GOBK recovers quickly and moves ahead with no problem. We have some talented peeps in the bullpen and GOBK will only keep getting better.

We hope that your Thanksgiving was blessed and that the Holiday Seasons will bring you and your loved ones everything they deserve. 

You can purchase our comic at along with our other issues.

With that I say PEACE from the GOBK Crew, keep it real and remember...


Saturday, November 7, 2015

Good morning from the GRUMPY OLD BASTARD KOMIX headquarters! Still in my apartment but hey, we are still producing at a mad pace.

As we wind down to the finish line for 2015 and with the third installment of SWIIISH 3 being released December 1st, we thought we would give you the triple threat for 2016.

I want to thank the DYNAMIC DUO of Mario Gully of O.M.G. Studios and King Bola for submitting a dynamite cover for SWIIISH 4. We are proud to have had them on board for this project and no doubt, they really delivered. Bravo! Right now the coloring for this issue will be finished off by my buddy Bobby Penafiel and out for March 2016. So Stay tuned!

The MAN SHARK was a work of love for me. I took my time with this and I am very proud of the outcome. It's a little heavy on the story line but I assured the old man, who this book is dedicated to, that he can check it out before its release. A July 4th, 2016 release is in the works. Of course...SHARK WEEK.

Last but not least, later next year we will be releasing the The Renegade Rabbi. Currently being drawn by Uncle Grumpy himself, Scott A. Williams and Inks by yours truly. It is undecided on the coloring at this point but the "secret meeting" will be held in effect soon.

Until our next blog, I wanna thank everyone for your support. Its been an incredible first year and there will be a re cap of this soon in our next blog. With that said...Peace! And remember...