Saturday, August 29, 2015

Greetings from the GOBK Universe! Lots of things going on now that we have come down to the wire. Newark Comicon in two weeks, some changes in the GOBK organization and the release of SWIIISH 2.

This will be our first CON and as always, we give big thanks to Mark Boulding for the invite and Grumpy Old Bastard Komix pahtna, Titus V. Thomas for the hook up. For the past two months, we have been working every weekend to prepare for this and I must give my applause to our peeps because it would never have been done without them.

Because of the hectic work schedule, we have decided to make some changes for the better...and for us grumpy old bastards who don't have the stamina to keep up. LOL. But realistically, its really hard work and things have grown so fast for us, it was apparent that we wanted to pursue the more creative end and keep it focused on producing the stories and the artwork.

Freddy D. has taken over as CEO for GOBK. With his vast business sense in many projects he has been involved with not to mention the success with his own businesses, there was no question that he was the perfect candidate to help GOBK out. He has given me good advice over the past year and I thank him for offering to help and take over the reigns. Also...he is my son. And I am very proud of that boy. No better person to handle the business for dad.

Taking over on the technical side of things concerning PDF conversions, editing, as well as the franchise items such as shirts, mugs and anything else, is Samantha Marie Davidowitz. She has always helped GOBK when in a jam and of course I offered her this position because when it comes to technical s(*&, this grumpy old bastard just ain't into it. Owning her own business as well, and growing at an incredible rate, I am very proud of her too. An artist like her dad, she makes it happen when it comes to the deadlines.

Last but not least, we have to thank Mildred Roque Tracy. She puts up with all the madness of this grumpy old bastard, cooks for the crew when we have our meetings and does an outstanding job putting together our DVD presentations. My wife...yes. My rock and partner. She remains to be the mother hen in this GOBK world and we love her so.



In our last ish, Angela Mitsuko a.k.a. SWIIISH had the BIO-Cryptic key in her possession retrieving it from her Master and Lords enemy. Only to discover that she was betrayed and to be killed by her Master, and have had a hefty reward for her head, she begins a bloody game of cat and mouse over the years with the clans and assassins who are ready and willing to claim it.

Eventually, she escapes to America. But as the years go by, the BIO-cryptic key has an intense affect on her. The aging process for her has stopped and the gift of longevity brings also a curse. Even though her body remains forever young, that is not the case with her mind.

But we will learn more about that dear reader as we go on...

Being that Angela has no better skill than to be an assassin, she becomes a hired mercenary and hit woman over the years in order to make a living, satisfy her expensive tastes and sexual pleasures.

As 1964 comes, she is approached with a contract by Her Majesty's Secret Service. Her target...Damien Komatsu. Great, great grandson to her former Master and Lord and now head of the Komatsu Clan. The Komatsu Clan has now grown to be a major criminal empire that has affected the world economy in many ways and it is up to Mitsuko to take them out.

And so there you have it. This second part of the series will be released August 31st 2015 and you can purchase it on GUMROAD for $2.99... Stay tuned for details.

Find GRUMPY OLD BASTARD KOMIX on facebook and like our page. Until our next blog, we hope to see you at COMICON NEWARK and remember...

Stay Grump!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Greetings from the GOBK headquarters! Officially STILL in my apartment, but as we move on...bigger and better things are always a possibility in COMICDOM.

The summer is almost at an end. A mild one in fact for NYC. But things have been HOT on the drawing boards with the boyz however.

The MAN SHARK cometh as promised. Slowly but surely for a 2016 release. The crew decided to slow it down a bit and take a break for the summer. With the SWIIISH series done with only 1 more story to tie in to finish the saga, I have been pounding the script out and getting the artwork done at a creative pace for the MAN SHARK. So many decisions are still to be made as I continue to put it together. Its a personal project on my behalf and I am quite pleased so far...but never satisfied.

What artist is?

On the other side of the city, deep in the heart of Queens, Grumpy Old Bastard Scott is whittling away at HIS drawing board on the Renegade Rabbi. The script complete, Scott is also taking his time and handing the pages in as we fit both projects within our schedules, so it is working out quite nicely with good results.

And last but not least, down in the heart of Times Square in HIZ studio, Eddie Torres is working on 2 covers and issue 4 of SWIIISH. His coloring skills compliment GOBK since day 1 and he definitely hits a home run every time.

With Newark Comicon around the corner and New York Comicon still lingering on the back burner, I am very proud of the accomplishments we have made since we started in January of this year. The business and production part of our adventure has expanded and we give a big thanks to them as well as they remain in the shadows until our next blog.

Until the next time my friends, we hope to see you at the CONS and thank you for your support always and remember...

Stay Grumpy!