Sunday, December 27, 2015

Greetings from the GOBK Studio headquarters! These GRUMPY OLD BASTARDS hope that your Christmas was Merry and that your New Year will be better than ever! 2015 flew by like an Eagle in heat on the snowy plains of what was. It was truly amazing how time flew this year...for GOBK especially.

If I ever thought that I would embark in fulfilling a dream with some dynamite old friends, I would have told you...yeah, I thought about it for years. Well, that dream came true...for some of us.

I have to give mad props to all that made this happen. Some who remain in the mix and others that needed to go. Despite whatever transpired to have us pissing in the wind at times while on this journey, well, there is always a shelter of assurance  while you take a well deserved piss with the wind upon your back. Always.

Me and my partners in crime have learned so much this year in the business. Dreams of becoming a comic book artist is one thing. The reality of when it comes down to the wire and your really DOING ain't nuthin that you ever imagined as a kid. It is HARD work my friends. Real hard work. You wear many hats as an Indy Comic Company and if you are going to make it happen, have an open mind, learn and absorb what is best for you to move ahead with your goals, put the right individuals in place and last but not least, treat your partners as you wish to be treated. I am very proud to say, with my financial advantages, everyone on the payroll has been paid promptly. Even some before hand where they really needed the doe. Lessons learned in that area this year with a loss of 900 bucks with work paid for and never received. But some handouts are not even worth chasing. The reputation of such nonsense catches up to them one day. Leave your losses to Karma. If you are going to run a business and get pissed over 900 bucks compared to 9000, then you are on a losing mission already. With loss comes lessons learned, knowledge obtained and strength when it comes to making a just decision in business on the next level. Moving on...

If I told you that I would have ever dreamed of making two COMICONs in our first year, I would say "whatcha been smokin' playah?" Well, we did.
If I ever told you that I would have never dreamed that I would be holding a comic in my hand created by GOBK...well, we sure did that too. Not to mention, the DVDs and other merchandise that we put out there. It is truly mind boggling.

The greatest thing that I hold in accord are the friends and alliances I have made through GOBK. The collaborations, advice and good ol' geek talk about what we love, truly a blessing beyond. Indy Comic people rule and we all share the same dream which makes us quite special. Personally, it is not about the money. It will come, maybe not. The fact that you TRIED is the real reward for all of us and within the journey, it opens other doors to many other wonderful things you never imagined.

There are so many to thank for believing, contributing and showing the love. To our fans and family, there are no words. Truly blessed we are to have you in our lives.

GOBK Studio role call...

Uncle Grumpy Scott Williams. My partner on this mission from the beginning and a man of many talents. There is never a day that I am not amazed by something else he pops outta his hat. He is an artist supreme and a childhood friend. Here we are 40 years later making it happen. Blessed we are.

Henry "the legend" Ortega and Titus Thomas. High School of Art & Design Alumni and childhood friends as well. Their contributions and dedication to GOBK is most welcome and are truly the rocks of the foundation we continue to build. Their knowledge and talents have helped us shine and continue to do so. Blessed we are.

Fred Davidowitz, Samantha Davidowitz and Mildred Tracy.
My son took over the business part of GOBK. He did so in addition to his own busy schedule to help the old man out leaving me to the creative process of the business. I love and thank him for becoming the answer to the questions of business. I love him and I am very proud of him.
My daughter Samantha who took over the technical part of formatting our work and handling all the angel sent to me 28 years ago. She has taken a huge burden off the old man's shoulders along with her brother and I love and thank her as well.
Last but not least, my wife Mildred. She has put up with the madness since day one. Above the fact that she handles the media end with our DVD's, she has supported this Grumpy Old Bastard unconditionally. With all the sleepless nights I endure upon my workaholic ethic, the vacations and personal time lost, the alcohol consumption, the hostess duties she loves when the meetings at our apartment goes on. Without her, I would have never made this happen. I love and thank her for being my rock. I ain't an easy man to live with...Amen.

I want to thank as well...Mario Gully and King Bola for helping us out professionally with our projects. Amazing guys as well as artists.

Bobby Penafiel, our new colorist to the crew via the Phillipines. He makes every deadline, talented and we are looking forward to much more work with him in the future.

A big thanks to Mark Boulding and the Alumni Association of Art & Design for hosting us at Newark Comicon and New York Comicon.

A long time ago, in a lunchroom far, far away...
A lunch table fell home to a bunch of high school kids who dreamed of creating comics like their heroes. Kirby, Addams, Colon, Byrne, Steranko, Ditko and much more to mention...Well, here we are. Those kids who grew up to be Grumpy Old Bastards and making a dream come true. Amen.

Happy New Year from GOBK Studios and remember my friends...

Stay Grumpy!