Saturday, February 27, 2016

Good morning everyone! Bloggin' from the GOBK HQ in NYC, the crew at GOBK Studios is proud to announce the fourth installment of SWIIISH!

It has been a long journey with this nasty, sword swinging bitch. 10 years in fact. Done for shits and giggles, her story laid in the back of my closet for the same amount of time between Florida and NYC when I returned. One day I opened a folder and...BOOM! There she was. All 20 raw ass pages.

So with the help of an associate, with all the powers photoshop made possible, we re-hashed and formatted what was and SWIIISH issue 1 was born. It is with that concept that we launched our first comic for Grumpy Old Bastard Komix and so...the rest is history.

There is a nice easter egg in issue 4 but I am afraid you would have to get the other comics to find out what the hell is going on. The stories all have a purpose and will intertwine the upcoming issues of other characters. Check out our Website at  Our store and various other things are there to check out. You can see our Artwork, Facebook, UTUBE channel, Bloggs and much more!

I have to give a big shout out to who made this issue happen...

Mario Gully of OMG and King Bola for an EPIC cover! They are leaders in their craft and I thank them so much for hookin' it up! We will see them again on GOBK so stay tuned.

Bobby Penafiel for helping me color this mag. He came in and took the reigns and did a hell of a job! Another star on the rise and I am proud to say he is the ONLY one to own a GRUMPY Scooter! LOL. He will be back no doubt as well.

Our schedule is way ahead and since putting up our Website, we acquired a substantial job out of the United Kingdom this year. While the contract is being finalized, I am proud to say that Uncle Grumpy himself, Scott Williams, will be handling this project. A 50 page graphic novel at a well deserved page rate so BRAVO to my man! He deserves it! But no fret, I will be in the wings to help if need be. We are working on the 2017 schedule as we speak.

With that, MAN-SHARK will be our next release. Look out for him on SHARK WEEK in July of course! So, remember to check out our Website, LIKE us on Facebook and all that other good shit!

Thank you for all your support and as always, the crew encourages you to always...


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Greetings from the GOBK universe! I hope everyone is enjoying this frigid air in NYC. I am sure as hell not. Cabin fever grips the headquarters here but no fret! Much work has been accomplished at a fast and maddening pace.

With 2 weeks to go on our release for SWIIISH 4, a lot has transpired on the positive side as the staff has grown, the work on our last comic, The Renegade Rabbi is almost done and the work for 2017 has been on the drawing board for the last 2 weeks. With all that said... NEW Website went live today. It has been an intense ping pong session with the Web Master himself, James Arnett, but we got her done. It has various pages to check out and NOW if you wish to purchase our books, you can do so by clicking on our STORE tab. I am very happy to have James on board with us. Along with his company AIA Productions, we have a couple of projects on the table for full length animated films. We will keep you updated.

Speaking of movies, we want to welcome Jose Antonio Lopez of ComixNstuff on board. He is now our SEO/Media Coordinator. He has re-constructed our NEW youtube channel and has put together some dynamite trailers for us with our SWIIISH 4 release. You can also click our VIDEO tab to get there, so don't be shy! He has done an incredible job and we applaud and welcome him aboard as well.

As always, I want to thank all our supporters for the love and attention you give us. Its been an intense journey since we started Grumpy Old Bastard Komix last year, but with hard work, it is worth every drop of blood, sweat and beers!

Until next blog my peeps, remember...