Thursday, February 26, 2015

Good evening my peeps! Lots happening in the Grumpy Old Bastard Universe for sure. We launched our video last week on Facebook and UTUBE with much success. Lots of feedback on that and we thank all of you for checking us out. We have to allow SOME craziness to our project because if it ain't fun...see ya!

I just got off the horn with Japan where the legend resides with his lovely bride and cat, Henry Ortega. He will grace us with his presence and have a sit down with the familia to discuss our upcoming events and business decisions. Some very positive questions have raised our eyebrows to the future and we of course have to make some positive decisions concerning our "thang".

Once we kick the rest of the issues of SWIIISH into play where it will be available for purchase at a VERY reasonable fee, we look on to the horizon or rather the sunset to start his own title...The Renegade Rabbi. He has been introduced in the prologue parts of SWIIISH so you will see some origin to this character and get a taste. The character is very different from most western approaches in comics. The story is very interesting...stay tuned. 

With that, keep your eye out pahdna! Looking forward to seeing our brother Henry and having another outstanding and fun meeting. Until then, remember...

Stay Grumpy!

Friday, February 13, 2015

Another cold wind embraces the crevices of the city that never sleeps. This winter has been harsh to the country but not to the GRUMPY OLD BASTARD KOMIX so far. In fact...we are smokin' hot baby. 

First off, we would like to thank everyone for their support on our launch of SWIIISH. The feedback was more than we expected in our emails and messenger accounts on Facebook. Damn good show on our crew for their efforts and our followers. Thank you so much my peeps!

While we are in the middle of producing issue 3 of SWIIISH and 4 as well, we will be introducing Nathan Davidowitz aka The Renegade Rabbi in the prologue of issue 3 and 4. My thanks again to THE LEGEND, Henry Ortega who made an outstanding splash page in issue 3 to accomodate the prologue in issue 4. So as the whip cracks and the paychecks are submitted in a timely basis, the teamwork is on overdrive with the BASTARDS as we get ready to launch issue 2 on a e-book form. We will keep you updated on that aspect no doubt so stay tuned.

Right now as we speak, we are building our merchandising part of the project so keep your eyes tuned for shirts, stickers, beer mugs and etc. Busy...busy...busy. 

So...enjoy your Valentines Day everyone. Its all about love. But remember...Stay Grumpy despite. A good spanking is not all bad!  

Sunday, February 8, 2015

In a Galaxy...far, far away. Space...the final frontier.

Most, if not all baby boomers, can no doubt be affiliated with those two phrases. Of course you can. which leads me to the next thing...

Those god damn Bio-Cryptic Keys.

Now that we have launched issue 1 of SWIIISH, if you have began this journey, you will of course want to know...what the hell is the BIO-CRYPTIC KEY? Well, let me explain...

A container is salvaged from the wreckage of an alien ship. There are four chips containing powerful energy in which enhances its element in four forms. Earth, Wind, Fire and of course Water. It is agreed that these chips would be very useful when surveying other planets that are dying from atmospheric decay. However, the container protecting the keys ends up being transported to a black hole through an energy surge where it was discovered. For years the container is lost until it comes within distance of earth. As it plummets from the heavens above and enters the earth's atmosphere, the container breaks and scatters to the four corners of the earth. As centuries go by, the keys are eventually found. Enter Lord Komatsu. During one of his bloody campaigns within the Clan Wars of the samurai he finds one of the keys. Keeping his find a well kept secret and within his grasp always, his human form rejuvenates itself and he is granted longevity from the power the key has. He lives for hundreds of years. One day, during a raid on his village, the key is stolen and... the comic. Now you know what a BIO-CRYPTIC KEY is. More will be revealed as we go on. Five lives will be drastically affected, changed and introduced as we go.

There are many to thank outside the box as well as in. I could write pages folks. I will simply say that all who were involved did an outstanding job on their part and have our props...always! The outcome of such efforts will be rewarded and have been rewarded. Its hard work but most of all its still fun. If it wasn't, the Old Bastards would be doing other things but for now, please enjoy this FREE DOWNLOAD for you reading pleasure.

Thanks for all the support my peeps and remember...

Stay Grumpy!
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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

A couple of weeks ago, Steady Eddie Torres and myself were talking and he turned me on to a character called ANT.

Well, the work itself is amazing but the man behind it...even more amazing. So I checked out more of his work and was floored with jaw open and eyeballs bulging from the sockets. Eddie got a kick out of my reaction and said "Dawgs...that would be f(*&ing crazy if we could get him to do a cover for Grumpy Old Bastard Komix." Being THAT said, I was on a mission.

Mario Gully is the name and kicking ass on the drawing board is his game.

Mario works non stop, is a machine on the drawing board and entertains his fans with the work he currently does and posts it on Facebook on one of many pages he is part of and manages. His work with Image Comics, Marvel Studios and many other publications are very well respected and admired among the masses of comicdom. Its quite inspiring to wake up in the morning, drink a cup of Joe and see whats new on Mario's page. The man is no joke and has "The Old Bastards' props as well as his fans from all over the globe that knows anything about comics.

I got in touch with him and gentleman that he is, he responded. We had a very nice conversation and I popped the big question. I knew he was very busy and has a sketchbook coming out but I just HAD too. His response was "Sure I will."...and the rest my friends, is history.

So I am very honored as well as my crew to announce that Mario Gully has signed on with GRUMPY OLD BASTARD KOMIX to do the cover for issue 4 of SWIIISH. You can find Mario's work at OMG STUDIOS where he has a vast gallery of his art and prints for sale. Check him out!

So until our next post, stay tuned as we will be and remember...Stay grumpy!