Friday, January 30, 2015

As we embark on production of issues 3 & 4 of SWIIISH, the GRUMPY OLD BASTARDS KOMIX crew have made some great strides this week with some very good results.

As our BLOG's audience has expanded and our page on FACEBOOK as well, we have met and spoken to some incredible people in the industry and hope to do business with them in the very near future. The talent is endless and well appreciated for their input and interest to bring our project to the level we have no doubt, will be accomplished.

In addition, some other things are stewing in the pot that will be revealed soon enough.

While our editor and chief Steady Eddie Torres continues to do an outstanding job with our P.R. and weighing out of the decisions pertaining to our digital comic launch, me and Scott "grumpy old bastard" Williams continue to knock out those comic pages on a steady pace, as the time draws near for our release of SWIIISH.

We thank everyone for your support. The work is hard but it remains to be fun and thats what its all about for us. Until next post, remember...

Stay grumpy!

Monday, January 26, 2015

SO the storm is upon us. BLIZZ BLIZZ BLIZZARD. But that did not stop the GRUMPY OLD BASTARD KOMIX crew from having a meeting today.

Looking very good on our page and our blog. Some major players in the industry have liked our page and I have had the pleasure of talking with them in the past few days via FACEBOOK. I must admit, some epic talent is out there and we are so very honored to mingle with them. We support them as they support us. Artists remain to be familia and we will continue to do so.

Please be safe if your in the Northern region of the U.S. If not, enjoy the warmer region and have a drink on behalf of the GRUMPY OLD BASTARDS!

A blizzard leaves creative minds to create. SWIIISH issue 3 and 4 are in production so stay tuned and remember...Stay GRUMPY!

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Whats up my peeps? I hope all is well in COMICDOM as we endure the winter. A very good time to stay indoors and read your favorite comics. No doubt.

The meeting held between the "Old Bastards" was productive as always. It was decided that we stand particular to where we wish to post our e-book of the first issue of SWIIISH for free. Steady Eddie Torres, our Editor and Chief and one bad ass gifted artist to boot is weighing out the right decision to let her rip. He has done an outstanding job and we give thanks for having him aboard.

Currently, we are working on issue 3 and 4. Scott 'grumpy old bastard" Williams is working on the mag as we speak. I delivered the layouts to him yesterday and he is HOT on the illustration. He is talented beyond and will deliver his best as he always does.

Grumpy Old Bastard Japan is waiting in the wings for the next assignment. Henry "the legend" Ortega is an asset to us and my buddy as well. He delivered an awesome splash page for issue 3 and cant wait what he conjures up for issue 4 so stay tuned!

I hope everyone is well  and we thank you for all the support we have gotten since we launched our page on FACEBOOK and our BLOG. Check us out if you haven't. Until next post, God Bless and remember...Stay GRUMPY!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

With the Comic and feedback moving in the right direction, I decided to write this in a nutshell what we are about so...Grumpy Old Bastard Komix is a mature publication for 18 years and older in the old school genre of Comics we knew and loved from back in the day. The purpose of our goal and publication is to bring the gritty and bold cinematography of the 60s and 70s with no holds barred into our stories and artwork. Made up of a team of talented Grumpy Old Bastards that went to the High School of Art & Design in New York City, they decided that the conversations in the lunchroom of Comic book stardom was still worth a shot and why not give it their best and so...the rest is history. With that, be it on a park bench, a train or bus or even a nice warm commode to lay your buns on for a good read, we say enjoy and remember...stay GRUMPY!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Now that the final cut for the cover of SWIIISH issue 1 has been decided upon, it is time to launch this puppy somewhere in digital space. This move is latter to actual publishing in hardcover or comic book form. A meeting between the BASTARDS will determine our next move in this adventure and we promise to keep you informed.

Two wonderful things to announce is that Steady Eddie Torres has been promoted to Editor and Chief of GOBK. This was no hard decision for us as a team. His dedication, knowledge and good ol common sense made it quite easy to make this happen. Congrats to him. He duh man!

Then after 35+ years I receive a SPLASH page from Henry "the legend" Ortega of GOBK JAPAN. Henry currently lives in Okinawa where I left him in 1984 when we served in the military together. He, myself and Scott "GOB" Williams were apart of the crew that sat at a lunch table in Art & Design H.S. in NYC, dreaming of doing what we are doing now. Creating Comics. I was thrilled to receive this from him and had no doubt that he was going to deliver.

Deliver he did and so...

As for Scott...he is just a Grumpy Old Bastard. And I love him like a brother. It was him who got me into this game when he asked me to INK some pages and help him out. That I did and I haven't looked back. I am grateful to him forever and will always be in awe of his talent. The boy is no joke. Our coll
aberation for Monarch Comics as penciller and inker for the Witch Hunter series sealed that tomb like Lennon & McCartney, Laurel and Hardy...most def Abbot & Costello.

It is what it is.

Its COLD as hell in the city that doesn't sleep so I hope everyone is well and if your in a better warmer place than we...PROPS!

Be good and remember...Stay Grumpy!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Nathan Davidowitz aka The Renegade Rabbi bugs the f(*& out as his family is eliminated by the ruthless SS in SWIIISH issue 3.

The Bio-Cryptic Key. This is the reason that the characters that you will be introduced to shortly, endure most of their heartache. All lives who come in contact with the KEY are granted certain advantages but the disadvantages outweigh...everything. The characters lead a long life of suffering but they make do and take us through the journeys and adventures the KEY has cursed them with.

There are 4 Bio-Cryptic Keys. Four individuals will live the challenge and 1 will answer for it.

But that will come in time as we go on. The prologues of each story tell a separate story. What WAS that leads us to the current story of the issues of what IS. As I discussed this with the Grumpy Old Bastards, it was agreed that a prologue leaves a lot of room for more creative material. And of course, lots more fun.

The free release of SWIIISH issue 1 will be discussed at our next meeting so you will know soon where and when to check it out. Until then...

Peace and remember...stay Grumpy!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

I get up this morning to find the completed work on SWIIISH 2 in a PDF in my email. My props to Steady Eddie Torres for an outstanding job reviewing and correcting what needed to be. Bravo!

After having 2 issues done and a third in production, I must say that the hard work is paying off. While we decide when and where to retrieve this PDF for FREE, please sit tight...its coming!

Currently, Scott Grumpy Old Bastard Williams will be taking over the pencils and myself will be doing the inking, coloring and story. But time is on our side right now so we will take advantage of that...we deserve it and a good stiff drink!

Henry the legend Ortega will be looking after things for GRUMPY OLD BASTARD KOMIX JAPAN. Henry resides in Okinawa and will be contributing work for issue 3. We collaberated on a project over 35 years ago so I am stoked to be working with him once again.

Lance I can dance Tooks will be looking out for GRUMPY OLD BASTARD KOMIX EUROPE. Lance has some heavy artillery in the closet and will be contributing art, story line and other material. Looking forward in working with him soon...he currently lives in Spain.

SO thats it for now. I hope everyones New Year is coming along well. 2015 is very promising for sure.

Peace and remember...Stay Grumpy!

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Damian Komatsu's henchman  BIG JOB keeps a close eye on things in issue 2 of SWIIISH.

Friday, January 2, 2015

You can find us on Facebook
Today Grumpy Old Bastard Komix launched their Facebook page. A proud moment while 3 admins fumbled with the many new apps Facebook challenged us with. Frustrating for sure and so another thing to deal with but stopping nothing.

The first issue will be launched this month. Issue 2 is basically done and issue 3 is on the way. Its no joke this comic book racket. Its win or lose but for me, a shot is worth more to it. You cant keep living with "what if" all of your life. I rather live with "We tried". Who wouldnt?

The goal is set, the time frame is in...

Come enjoy the adventure with the Grumpy Old Bastards.


Thursday, January 1, 2015

Angela Mitsuko aka SWIIISH has her last smoke before the shit hits the fan on her flight to Heathrow Airport in London.

While the Grumpy Old Bastards wrap up the minor details on issue 2, we will be launching issue 1 for free. Look out for the domains that issue 1 will be available. We are in the process of making our FACEBOOK page. Look out for updates and info on our launch. We will have biographies and professional stats on our artists and much more.

I hope everyone had an awesome New Years celebration and remember...stay GRUMPY!