Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy New Year everyone! I know, I know. Its been a minute. But never a minute too late to send salutations to good friends and faithful fans.

Now that the holidays are beyond us, its quite incredible that here we are, our 3rd Anniversary since we started here and very proud of what we have done in so little time.


As for updates, Work on the second issue of Renegade Rabbi is in the works. The 5th and final issue of SWIIISH has been done for some time and ready for a March release however...

The crew had a meeting. It was decided that we will stick to the Graphic Novel mode. Meaning, it gives us more room to be more creative with our work with no deadlines anchoring us down. In addition, some good advice and feedback with our submissions to Los Angeles and back, prompted us to do so. It was a good decision at the behest of various freelance projects that we are working on.
Hey, a brother has to eat and pay the bills. Correctomundo?

With that, we will continue to post freelance work, update you on any Media events we are involved in or producing and of course pages from our series that we continue to create.
I gotta give a big shout out to the crew. While we juggle our personal lives along with this thing of ours, it ain't no walk in the park. But loving what you do is what its all about. Especially when you can run at your own pace.

We want to wish you a very Happy New Year and thank you so much for your support these last three years. The future holds much to the eye and faithful so stay tuned and remember...