Sunday, April 24, 2016

Greetings from the GOBK Universe! It has been a minute since I posted our last blog and that my friends, is a good thing. It means we are BIIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZY! So here is an update...

With the launch of our website and the release of SWIIISH 4 in March, things have come around quite nicely. The comics started to pick up momentum on the sales end thanks to the website, we have started releasing a webcomic on The Duck and with the drive and talents of our team, we have picked up a graphic novel that Uncle Grumpy himself is doing from over seas.

The next of our releases is The MAN SHARK. This mag will be out in July for Shark Week. I have to give a big shout out to our Media Mogul himself, Jose Antonio Lopez. Ever since he took over the responsibilities on the P.R. end of Grumpy Old Bastard Komix, things really started to move for us. In addition, I was quite surprised at his art skills. As you can see above, he did an outstanding job of coloring a splash page of MAN SHARK for promotion. There is no doubt we will be colaberating on future projects to keep up on our schedule. In the meantime, Jose handles our FACEBOOK page as well as our UTUBE channel. Currently, we are working on The DUCK Webcomic site so stay tuned for that.

As of now, the upcoming COMIC CON's that we will be a part of are Newark Comicon, New York Comicon and possibly, Big Apple Con. However, I am making an attempt to make it to Okinawa, Japan for Okinawa Con. My brother Henry "the legend" Ortega resides out there so we have to talk soon about that. The trip would be outstanding! Having served in the Marine Corps and was stationed at Camp Foster in Oki, this would be a homecoming trip for me as well.

The schedule is on point and running smooth. We are releasing 3 comics a year. MAN SHARK and The RENEGADE RABBI are ready to go, SWIIISH 5 for 2017 is done and will conclude in that series. Right now, the 2nd comic to the RENEGADE RABBI series is on the drawing board as I write this. While Uncle Grumpy Scott is  hard at work on the graphic novel project from Europe, I will have to turn up my drawing skills to turbo. But with other talent being recruited, the production part of our THANG will endure for the best.

Check out our website. Its pretty Kool and kudo's to James Arnett of AIA Productions who kicked ass on developing it. We do offer web designing and if your interested at some dynamite rates please email us at You can utilize your correspondence from our website as well.

So with that, I hope to post another blog before the release of The MAN SHARK. I hope you all have an incredible Spring Season and I will catch you around somewhere, somehow and remember...

Stay Grumpy!


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