Saturday, June 25, 2016

Greetings from the GOBK Studio Headquarters smack dab in the middle of Hells Kitchen in Manhattan New York! I know its been a minute since I shot a blog out at 'cha, but its been balls to the walls here in the lair focusing on some projects and commissions. Mad props to Uncle Grumpy himself, Scott Williams, who is currently working on a project from overseas colaberating with Joe Rubenstein of Marvel fame. In addition, he is working on the second issue of the Renegade Rabbi in which the first issue will be released in the fall.

As promised, this weekend we will be releasing the first issue of the MAN SHARK. No better time to do so with SHARK WEEK upon us. This was a character I created when I was a kid and when we launched Grumpy Old Bastard Komix a year and a half ago, there was no doubt that he would make his debut professionally from here.

Enter Dr. Marcus Mills, Marine Biologist. With a deep interest in the Mako Shark species, he brings his experiments to another level when he stumbles upon the cure for cancer. But when he performs the final stages of his experiment, something goes terribly wrong as he enters the threshold of his fate, never to look back.

There is a very long, personal journey to this character. When my old man first took me to see JAWS back in 1975, I was hooked just as everyone was. One day I made up this character and drew a comic on type writer paper. It was a gift to my dad and lord knows, he is STILL looking for this comic mixed up in the years of his various moves during his lifetime since then. He helped me copyright this character way back then and he never stopped encouraging me or supporting me to make this happen. I fought him tooth and nail over the years because driving a truck put food on the table, not comic books. But lo and behold, the opportunity came and me and the boys from the High School of Art & Design Class of 1980 decided it was now or never to make this happen and so... here we are.

My advice to anyone who pursues their dreams of partaking in the INDY COMIC business, it would be this:

IF your in it for the doe, about face your ass and continue doing whatever you are doing. Its a long and winding road with many good and bad lessons to be learned. Money to lose more than you earn and it is no doubt that I have found in this business, that it is the self content and fruits of your labor that will drive you on. Above all that you gave it a shot and that it was FUN! That is the only reason I continue in this business. Because it is FUN. Without that...sayonara.

From me and the boyz here at Grumpy Old Bastard Komix, we wish you and your families a blessed and safe summer. And as for you beach goers out there, may that MUSIC in your mind join the beat of your heart as you splash in the ocean on a care free, sun filled day. Beware what lurks beneath...the MAN SHARK COMETH!

Stay Grumpy...ALWAYS!

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